Centering yourself takes a bit of focus.

The Practice of Centering

Centering is one of those skill sets we hear a great deal about when we start working with energy. For those of us looking to be more energetically mindful, centering is a necessary skill when you begin your practice. Whether you do yoga, meditate, make stone grids, or practice some form of earth-based spirituality, this is one of the essential things you need to learn. Centering is a significant milestone on your journey to self-mastery.

Energy workers, empaths, psychics, clairvoyants, and all other sensitive individuals, mutually benefit from finding their center from time to time. When we have unique gifts, tuning out the psychic noise around us, day in, day out, can be overwhelming. Adding centering to your tool box of personal protection is a gift you give yourself.

Grounding And Centering

When you first hear about centering, it is usually associated with the energetic practice of grounding. Grounding and centering go hand in hand. I’ve been centering myself as part of my daily practice for decades. I can attest that the effort to focus is much more powerful when you first ground yourself.

Why We Should Center Ourselves

There are lots of good reason to know how to center yourself. When you still yourself, and seek your core, something special happens. As you start looking within yourself, it is possible to come in contact with your own sacred space, there where your spiritual essence resides.

As anxiety sets in, knowing how to still oneself in the face of panic can be such a blessing. Let’s say you are getting ready to speak publically, or have a stressful meeting quickly approaching, taking the time to do some centering can improve your performance. Those few minutes of focused intent can give you the strength and grace to face the moment.

The Journey To Center

There are several ways to still yourself while seeking your spiritual core through centering. Couple this with the practice of grounding, and you have an incredible foundation for personal mastery.

For myself, after I have grounded myself, I take a few deep breaths. As I take those deep breaths, I use my mind to journey to the center of my spiritual essence. It always starts the same way. I am at the entrance to the path of the small woods behind my childhood home.

As it were, I spent a great deal of my time in my youth in those very woods finding myself. There, by a babbling creek, I discovered a connection to both Mother Earth and the Ancients. When ever I need to center, I return to this place that forever resides within me.

Building Your Technique


You too can use this technique to find what lies at the core of you where your center exists. However, there are numerous ways to find your center. Practicing will be a big help. Make sure you find a quiet space. Taking a few clearing breaths, allow yourself to drift softly into the idea you hold of yourself. Imagine you are on a journey to your core. Seek out a memory or feeling that seems to be the most sacred to you. Explore that feeling. Often what lies at the base of that memory, will help you define your center as it is in this moment. Note, as we grow on our spiritual path, our center space may also change.

Crystals May Help The Process

Thankfully Mother Earth provides us with a variety of different crystals that can enhance our efforts as we are learning the art of centering. When we bring a specific stone or crystal into the process, we are adding that stones energy to our own. Several stones have properties that are conducive to helping us find our center spiritually.

You will find that Smoky Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Petrified Wood, and Amethyst are all excellent stones to help your energy field as you work to find your center.

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