Blessed Herbal Oils, the Original Blessed Herbal Recipe Now in an Oil. The cornerstone of Coventry Creations, the Blessed Herbal Candle recipes are now also available as oil. The Blessed Herbal oils work through your intent as it is combined with the vibration created by the oils and blessing. When you set your intent and vision for your life, the oil holds that wish while you work through and clear the things that were holding you back from the ideal you seek. Oils used in many ways to add to your ritual work. You can use it to anoint a candle to add extra pow to your candle magic. It is also a great way in candle magic to bring something towards or away from you.  Many folks also use oils to add to alters and rituals and they are great for some ole fashion DIY magic. There are also those who will say a little intention for the day and drop a bit on what they want to manifest.  It could be a picture, an object or even a little dab on the wrists. Really the sky is the limit in ways to use the magic of blessed herbal oils!