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72 Angel Cards: Dreams, Signs, Meditation

The 72 Angel cards, Dreams“Signs“Meditation are initiatic keys that can help us in many ways. Each card enumerates the Qualities of an Angelic State or Energy, and overleaf the human distortions are listed. Angels symbolize our capacity to dream and be aware of the multi-dimensions of Life; they are also Fields of Consciousness representing Qualities, Virtues and Powers in their purest state. We can choose an Angelic State of Energy to work with by following the Angel Calendar (included in the set) based on the date and time of our birth; according to a problem we are experiencing or a quality wed like to develop or improve; or we can simply pick an Angel card at random to see what we need to work on, or in answer to a specific question. Work with the Angels is spiritually autonomous work that helps us connect with deep memories in our unconscious and creates openings within us, which then manifest in dreams and powerful signs in our everyday lives. Through Angel Recitation (i.e. repeating the name of an Angel like a mantra), we activate Angelic Energies and Powers within us thereby increasing our capacity to dream, dream recall. We can also identify aspects of our dreams and signs and better understand their meaning through the qualities and human distortions of the Angel card were working with.

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