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Angel Wisdom, Terry Lynn Taylor

Altars are everywhere. In executive suites and private homes, in restaurants and gardens whether religious in focus or not people are reinventing the altar in new and imaginative ways. From a simple cherished photo surrounded by candles and shells that serves to attract the eye and draw the mind into gentle contemplation, to a more elaborate expression of personal style, altars bring peace and a place of beauty into daily life. In this first complete handbook on altars, Peg Streep shows readers how to use specific materials, colours, symbols, imagery, scents, crystals, music, and more to create their own personal altars. Streep covers the history, symbolism, and different types of the altar and provides detailed and fully illustrated guidance for anyone to create and enjoy sacred space. A discussion of offerings and rituals, along with a handy resource section, make this volume definitive, Altars Made Easy, makes the process simple and fun.

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