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Boji Stone

Moqui Marbles are also know as Shaman stones or Boji Stones. They are iron and silicon concretions that form dark, brown bumpy and irregular circular balls around sandstone deposits. They can be found in the western areas of the United States. It is possible that the stones were formed when the sand dunes were underwater, but their exact origin is still uncertain.

Moqui Marbles elevate your level of intuition and help to aid overcoming deep seated fears. They support spiritual growth and spiritual journeying. They can assist in connecting to spirit guides. They have a highly protective energy, keeping  negative entities from attaching themselves to you.

The word Moqui comes from the Hopi Tribe, previously known as the Moqui Indians. Moqui Marbles were named after these indigenous people who lived in the Navajo desert area and utilized the power of Moqui for spiritual practices and games.


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