Dragonsblood Purpleheart, & Verawood Wrist Mala

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Dragon Blood Wood, Verawood & Purpleheart Wood Beaded Bracelet - Wrist Mala - 8mm.Qualities or Properties of Dragon Blood Wood:

Will turn a translucent red when held up to a light.
Used as protection from negative energies.
Thought to instill confidence and courage
Attracts business, fortune and happiness

Qualities or Properties of Verawood:

Means "Tree of Life" in Latin for its many medicinal uses.
Believed to absorb toxins.
Protect against negative energies
Fragrance help s induce a meditative state.
Turns darker green color when exposed to natural light.
Blesses wearer with peace & a better life.

Qualities or Properties of Purpleheart Wood:

A deeply spiritual wood
Enhances creative energy and knowledge
One of the best woods when dealing with spiritual healing and health issues,
Eradicating the negative energies that create strife in the home.
Heart centered and healing wood

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