Enchanted Herbal, Gail Bussi

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An Herbal Journey of Self-Care and Healing
Grow into a healthier and more authentic version of yourself with the gifts, lessons, and opportunities of nature and the seasons. This practical book invites you on a nourishing journey for both your body and spirit, providing dozens of recipes, meditations, rituals, and journaling prompts. Youll make and enjoy a wide variety of foods, drinks, and household products, including:

Soups & Salads
Cakes & Casseroles
Body Scrubs & Balms
Oils & Lotions
Teas & Tonics
Jellies & Sauces Mists & Sprays
Elixirs & Natural Cleansers

Enchanted Herbalhelps you use herbs and flowers to their fullest potential. Youll learn how to grow your own herbs, incorporate essential oils into your practice, and celebrate natures seasonal changes throughout the year. From creation and renewal remedies in spring to peace and reflection exercises in winter, this wonderful book guides you in becoming a more magical and joyful person year-round.

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