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Healers, The, Raymond & Gabari

The Healers… An authentic and inspirational book of hope and unlimited possibilities. As you journey into the lives of The Healers and their clients, you will gain a new perspective on generating health and happiness, and explore the depths of human potential. Real people. Real stories. Real results. Discover… Where does a “Healer” come from? Can healing happen in an instant? Does it work on animals? Is it safe? Is there anything I can do to help myself heal from physical, emotional, mental or spiritual traumas? Demystify ‘the how’ of the healing process; discover innovative self-healing techniques; perhaps even explore the healer within you, lingering just below your consciousness. The awakened healing spirit of a seven year-old child and the unexpected resurgence of spirit in a Wall Street Executive were destined to mesh their energies to give you access to perfect health and happiness. Your journey begins here!

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