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Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamond provides clear dreams and is good for vision work. Helps one to remain focused during meditation. Helpful for astral travel. Used to create doorways to see the inner self.  Stone is ideal for sending and receiving energy. 

Herkimer Diamonds affect the body on the deepest level, so that the mind can influence the body’s health in a positive way. Activates the body not only to fight dis-ease, but to avert potential illness.

Chakras: All, especially Crown and 3rd Eye

Listing is for one Herkimer Diamond. Price points are determined by a number of factors that influence the crystal's "grade" -- namely size, weight, clarity, number of terminations, and mineral inclusions. Each stone is totally unique and will vary from what is pictured.

Grade does not influence the fact that these crystals are extremely high vibrational. If you are new to high-vibe stones, we recommend carrying black tourmaline while working with Herkimer at first, to aid you in grounding down and assimilating the higher energies until you become more accustomed to them. Working with high vibration crystals without proper grounding may cause dizziness, headaches, anxiety, and more.


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