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Journey Within, The, Imre Vallon

The Journey Within is a print compilation from the popular Spiritual Path Series of ebooks by Imre Vallyon. It offers the spiritual seeker an accessible yet comprehensive introduction to the Universal Spiritual Teaching, stressing the need for right understanding while walking the Spiritual Path in todays world.
In The Journey Within, author Imre Vallyon discusses with clarity the big topics that are commonly encountered by the spiritual aspirant: the inner nature of our being and the cosmos; the importance of reconnecting with our higher nature through meditation; what happens after death; how to work with the law of Karma; the importance of developing love and wisdom in our lives; and why not all spiritual paths have the same end result.
Living a more spiritual life is a challenge in a world so focused on material things, but this book offers a system of guidance and right knowledge from the perception of Higher Consciousness so that the reader may be inspired and prepared for the Inner Journey.
Among the chapters of The Journey Within:
Living The Spiritual Life Today
Finding True Happiness: The Secret of Eternal Life
The Mystery Of Death: A Road Map for Your Journey Between Lives
Why Meditate? The True Purpose of Meditation
Karma: How To Break Free of Its Chains
God the Mother: The Feminine Aspect of Divinity
Love and Wisdom: The Meaning of Life
Shadowland: Evil, Compassion and the Power of Thought
The Beatitudes: What Jesus Really Meant

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