*Kundalini Blessings Oracle

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KUNDALINI BLESSING ORACLE CARDS, from Gurudarshan Khalsa, offers a deck of 40 cards that can be used in conjunction with meditation and yoga practices to focus your energy toward aspects of your life that need attention. These Yoga/Meditation Oracle cards that work on shifting the Inner Consciousness so that the Outer World feels the effects and benefits of each use. On each card features a positive affirmation and the meditation posture, and in the accompanying booklet is the description of how to do the meditation as well as comments and effects. Whats even better is that you can use these cards to receive more guidance from the various oracle spreads and/or do a reading on a friend to uplift their consciousness! Each card features a topic to focus on, ranging from "Concentration" to "Insight" to "The Mystic". Shuffle the deck and choose one or more cards (if doing a spread). The 146-page guidebook offers a variety of oracle spreads and helps you to interpret the cards, explaining how to do the accompanying meditations. The book also details breathing patterns, mudras and in some cases mantras that can be chanted. The content shares technology to bring you to an elevated state of awareness in only 3 minutes. Blessings!