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Obatala the King of White Cloth and Creator of Mankind

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An Orisha is a spirit that reflects one of the manifestations of God in Africas Yoruba religion. Many Orishas have found their way throughout the Americas via the Atlantic slave trade and are now expressed in practices as varied as Santeria, Candomble, Trinidad Orisha, and Oyotunji.
Obatala is the eldest Orishas and the father of all the orishas. He created the world and the humanity that reside within. Obatala always dresses in white to reflect his spiritual purity, white is thus the most sacred color in Santeria because of its representation of Obatala. He acts as a protector for those who do not yet know their guardian Orishas, and encourages his believers to be patient and to handle matters with calm and reason. Obatala watches over his believers and his duty is to maintain peace and restore balance in the world.
4" tall, polystone

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