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Ultimate Guide to Numerology

Reveal the answers to life's questions by learning how to solve the codes all around you that you don't even see, with The Ultimate Guide to Numerology.Numbers underpin our day-to-day lives. Our birthday, anniversaries, addresses, and bank accounts, these complex series of numbers all contain codes to where we may find fortune, and where cycles of opportunity reside for us in our careers, homes, relationships and life events. You can even use numbers to determine your soul's purpose!The Ultimate Guide to Numerology is the first book to reveal this fascinating subject in its entirety. Written by master numerologist, Tania Gabrielle, this guide to the inner workings of numbers will teach you how to forecast outcomes, optimize timing on projects and events, take advantage of opportunities, and avoid pitfalls.This fascinating beginner's guide shows how to decipher your personal birth code and learn what messages the numbers in your life hold. The Ultimate Guide to Numerology is the codex to break the codes!

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