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Incense Sticks

The aroma of incense is unmistakable. It can be a comfort in meditation and therapy as well as a tool in ceremonies. It helps in your prayers and yoga practices, and it makes your environment aromatic and pleasant, contributing to peace and tranquility. The incense you’ll find here has a pure, clean burn that allows the fragrance to come through. Most are made from herbs, flowers, and resins that are blended together with pure oils and rolled onto a bamboo stick. The scents bring with them a pleasant experience, perking up both your senses and the atmosphere around you. The scent will linger in your home for hours for you to enjoy. We stock a variety of incense and accessories, including incense sticks, incense burners, incense holders, and incense cones. We also have smudging tools such as sage, cedar, and Palo Santos.

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