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Encyclopedia Of Herbal Medicine, Andrew Chevallier 

Join the ever-increasing numbers of those who are using natural remedies to reduce stress and improve overall health.
With detailed information on 550 plants and their medicinal properties, Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, 2nd Edition provides a guide to healing with the world’s oldest form of medicine and presents an unrivaled range of natural therapies for nearly 200 common ailments. From ginger to lavender and thyme to dandelion, learn about the chemistry of plants and how and why they work as medicines within the body.
Information on habitat and cultivation, parts used, active constituents, therapeutic properties, and traditional and current uses are described in a unique photographic plant index, and instructions on growing, harvesting, and processing your own home treatments are detailed. With its jargon-free text, fantastic photography, and focus on safety, this guide enables ease of understanding no matter what your level of herbal expertise.
Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, 2nd Edition is the ultimate reference for anyone interested in exploring the healing benefits of plants and who wants to take control of their health with alternative natural treatments. Now updated to reflect the latest research.

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